Today I Realized

that I am destined to become a crotchety old feminist with hand knitted sweaters and a million cats… possibly a doll collection.

This realization occurred after a girl in my Anthropology class started excusing “men only” golf courses based on physical differences between men and women (i.e. strength). While I agree that men tend to be naturally stronger that is a BULLSHIT excuse for having a men only golf course. Although in my opinion it’s a bullshit excuse no matter what.

Oh, your stronger than me? Guess what, I can give birth and you can’t. You lose weight faster than me? Whatever, I still think I’m more awesome and absolutely fucking gorgeous.

(As you can see my logic follows a rather narcissistic and sometimes illogical pattern)

Now if men wanted a men only space to discuss men problems without women, fine. Want it to be at a golf course, go for it. I also think its great for women to have women only space so that we can talk about our women problems without men.

(I should specify that by men I mean everyone who feels like they are/should be a man, not just penis-havers)

Not to mention men might be physically stronger and therefore hit the ball harder, or whatever it is that deserves them their own golf course based on strength, however I’m sure there is some sort of scientific way to master a golf club to compensate so that everyone has an “equal” chance… or you could just get better at golf.

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